Our Domestic Violence Program consists of 52 weeks, (104 hours), of group counseling and is based on the philosophies developed and promoted by trauma specialist Lisa Najavitz PHD and by cognitive behavioral Practioners and agencies such as Safe Alternatives to Violent Environments, (S.A.V.E.), and Community Overcoming Violence,(C.O.R.A.).

We are an approved provider for the San Mateo County Probation Department.







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Our Counselors are licensed MFT’s and/or State Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors fully trained to work with this population.


Our mission is to provide community-based counseling and education in a safe and healing environment that embraces the cultural and emotional needs of every client and to help people find hope, resiliency and life-affirming change.

Our vision is a community where diversity, compassion, healing and growth are encouraged, valued and celebrated. The devastating effects of substance abuse, mental illness and violence are diminished. Relationships, families and children thrive.

Sitike believes that real, sustained recovery is possible for anyone caught in the web of alcohol and/or other drug addiction.

We are committed to assisting all who walk through our doors in understanding why they are here and assist them in developing the tools they need to turn their lives around.

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